Instructional Belly Dance DVD & CD Set

Rhythm In Motion

An introduction to belly dance, learning traditional technique and Middle Eastern rhythms from a Western point-of-view.

For Levels:
Beginning – Intermediate
Advanced students are encouraged to pay extra attention to arm movements, body carriage, and layer shimmies in the routine.

The Full Package

What do you Get?
Rhythm in Motion is designed to do what other belly dance videos don’t. Jaiya will not only give you a great workout, teach you rhythm, and help you learn a routine, but she also gives you the music to practice with!

Too many times students get frustrated with videos when they are taught a routine and then expected to perform it right away at full speed. Not this time. You will get the routine music in several speeds so you can take learning at your own pace.

This DVD/CD compilation is unique and features original belly dance songs written by Michael Kimbrell. You will hear traditional Eastern rhythms in Westernized songs you can relate to, complete with rock grooves, techno beats, and club dance music.

Let’s have fun with belly dance!

rim-dvd-cover-4DVD Features:
Stretching Exercises
Basic Movement Instruction
Rhythm Instruction
Costumed Performance
Dance Tips

rim-cd-5-2CD Features:
1. Saiidi
2. Saiidi (Slow Mix)
3. Habibi Balad
4. Chifteteli
5. Egyptian Sky
6. Eastern Storm
7. Jaiya
8. Bhangra
9. Varian
10. Pharoh

Listen to song samples and download the soundtrack album or individual songs at:

$14.99 + $3 S&H

About the author: Jaiya

Jaiya has been dancing since she was four years old. Her background includes tap, jazz, ballet, and ballroom dance. Due to her extensive dance portfolio, she sometimes includes some “fusion” in her personal style during stage performances.