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Jaiya is a Colorado Springs, CO belly dance instructor offering lessons, workshops, and merchandise.
Professional Dance Experience:

Over eighteen years of professional Middle Eastern dance and entertaining experience at local Moroccan restaurants, including The Caspian Café, Mataam Fez, and Tajine Alami in Colorado Springs, CO.


Jaiya has been dancing since she was four years old. Her background includes tap, jazz, ballet, and ballroom dance. Due to her extensive dance portfolio, she sometimes includes some “fusion” in her personal style during stage performances.

In addition to dance, Jaiya has experience in voice-work for radio commercials and holds a Bachelor’s degree in theatre from Hillsdale College in Hillsdale, MI.

Personal Info

  •   (719) 229-6048
  •   Colorado Springs, CO
VideoStill22_2008crop copyIndividual Private Lessons

Typically private lessons are given for beginning, intermediate, and advanced students. Emailing Jaiya will usually give you the quickest response.


This class is for any student with no or limited experience. New students with 1-2 years of experience with other instructors are required to attend Jaiya's beginning class at least once to access the student's dance level and adjust to possible stylistic changes before entering the next level. Instruction of basic movements and simple sequences are taught.


These classes are for students with 1-2 years of previous experience. Basic moves are layered with traveling movement, shimmies, arm movement, and basic zil patterns. New moves and routines are taught on a constant basis. Often, drills must be learned and performed to sign up for this class.

One-Time-Only Group Classes

Jaiya loves to teach private parties or classes at other dance studios in special 1-2 hour sessions. It’s a great idea for bachelorette or birthday parties. She can travel to you, or classes can be taught in her studio (off of Centennial Blvd. in Colorado Springs, please contact Jaiya for directions) Please no more than 12 people at a time. One-Time-Only Group Rates vary depending on the length of time, number of participants, and possible travel. Call for a rate quote.

What to Bring to Class

Wear fairly tight, but comfortable, clothing; work-out pants or crop tops, harem pants or skirts are acceptable. A hip scarf is a wonderful accessory. Bring a water bottle. We dance shoeless, barefoot, or with ballet slippers on a wooden dance floor.

Class Cancelations

Any class cancelations will be listed on the home page by 5 PM that day. If you are currently enrolled in a class you will receive an email or a phone call by 5 PM.

workshop_graphicBasic Belly Dance

This 1 - 2 hour workshop covers the basics of traditional belly dance from posture to basic moves, and perhaps a short choreography (depending on the group). A quick introduction to history, belly dance styles and props is included.

Step-Aerobic Belly Dance

This 1.25 hour workshop covers the basics of traditional belly dance put into a step-aerobic routine. Each student is required to bring their own step. This workshop includes a 15 minute break.

Creative Turns & Moving Across the Floor

This 1 - 2 hour workshop discusses various ways of moving across the dance space with elegance, and turning creatively to work with any audience and venue. Tips on how to avoid dizzy spells, and making the most of your costume while turning are included!

Designing for the Music

Ever had that piece of music you loved, but couldn't figure out what to do with it? This workshop discusses how to weave basic choreography of belly dance into various types of music and how to decide what prop is best for a piece. Topics discussed range from various traditional Middle Eastern fast and slow paced rhythms as well as designing for non belly dance music such as classical, 80's pop or techno. With the right tools, you can belly dance to anything.

Costuming I Workshop; The Basics

Workshop discusses types of belly dance (cabaret, tribal, etc...) and traditional costuming in each type and ethnic region. Also, how to choose what costuming is best for different dance environments, movement styles, and body types. Tips on how to build basic pieces such as skirts, tops, bras, belts, and so forth. How to choose the proper material and supplies.

Costuming II Workshop; The Details

How to finish those basic pieces and accessorize. We will cover several basic belly dance beading techniques such as making fringe, covering a belt with accent beads and sequence, edging a veil, edging hip scarves to prevent bead loss and more. How to make head, arm, and ankle bands finish a costume. No previous sewing skills required.


Current Pricing for Classes as of July 2016

Individual Private Lessons

$45.00/ hour
  • Experience one-on-one attention in private lesson sessions.
  • Instruction is personally tailored to your individual dance needs.
  • Contact Jaiya to buy a gift certificate for a friend.

Beginning Group Classes

$12.00/ class
  • The standard drop-in rate for group classes is $12 per class.
  • Save $2.00 per class by paying one lump sum at the beginning of each month.
  • Contact Jaiya to buy a gift certificate for a friend.

Intermediate & Advanced

$12.00/ class
  • The standard drop-in rate for group classes is $12 per class.
  • Save $2.00 per class by paying one lump sum at the beginning of each month.
  • Contact Jaiya to buy a gift certificate for a friend.

Events & Performances

$Varies/ event
  • One-time-only group classes and performances at special events.
  • Determined by length of time, number of participants, and possible travel.
  • Performances are typically 20-30 minutes for all female or co-ed audiences.


Belly Dancing thoughts and insight from Jaiya

Performance – Dancing The Ancestors Echo IX : Annika Signum

Come see me dance tomorrow! Tomorrow at 7 PM – 10:30 PM Colorado Springs Charter Academy 2577 N Chelton Rd, Colorado Springs, Colorado 80909 A spectacular evenning show featuring Princess Farhana and professional and student dancers from around the state. Doors open and seating begins at 6:30 p.m.. Addmission $12.00 and children 8 and under...

Instructional Belly Dance DVD & CD Set

Rhythm In Motion An introduction to belly dance, learning traditional technique and Middle Eastern rhythms from a Western point-of-view. For Levels: Beginning – Intermediate Advanced students are encouraged to pay extra attention to arm movements, body carriage, and layer shimmies in the routine. The Full Package What do you Get? Rhythm in Motion is...

Belly Dance & Pregnancy

Rituals and History Although “Belly Dance”, as we know it today, was developed over much time and in many different countries, the event of labor is also a source of Middle Eastern Dance. Different movements were used during labor to control the pain of contractions by the mother-to-be. Other women (friends/family) would gather in...

Learn to Belly Dance with Jaiya's Instructional Videos